11th Lindypendance Floor @ Fillmore Jazz Fest
It's our 11th year of setting up dance floor at Fillmore!
12th Northern California Swing Championships in 2018

Swing U 

(with QJ too)

runs free dance for youth. 

As a Non-profit all volunteer run organization we are funded by benefit events, dances & festivals discounted to adult members. 

Swing U 5th year @ 
Fillmore Jazz Fest

Each year we are invited to bring swing dancers with our dance floor to the Fillmore Jazz Festival. 

We like to invite local teachers to come and introduce swing to Fillmore Jazz Festival guests. 

We like to introduce authentic Swing Era dances like Lindy Hop, Balboa and Shag to new dancers. 

We like to invite NEW up & coming bands & performers to perform at our stage. 

We like to hold dance parties and shows at night just for fun... 

Yearly Festivals

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Swing U School w/ Dance Q in SF and beyond Swing U School w/ Dance Q in SF and beyond
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